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Templates and Artwork Requirements

When submitting your order, either during the checkout process or in the shopping cart, you’ll have the opportunity to upload your artwork. If the artwork guidelines are too complex for you to understand (as not everyone is a designer), we recommend using a free third-party online design platform. Details for this will be provided in an email after you submit your order (once we know the specific product you need). If you proceed without fully understanding the artwork guidelines and use your own print files, unexpected results can occur, and you will be responsible for them.

If your artwork is not suitable for printing, you will receive an email notification and will need to upload a new one. Please note that if you do not upload your artwork correctly, mistakes can happen, and it’s your responsibility to ensure the data we receive is correct. We will proof your artwork up to 3 times before we have to charge you an hourly rate for proofing. This is because all artwork sent to us should be print-ready and signed off already. However, we do understand that mistakes can be noticed at the last minute. Three proofs should be sufficient to ensure the artwork is correct.

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